In my last post, I was describing my own journey from living in a mental trap from childhood (living by NEED creed) to freedom (living by WANT). However, most people don’t have that problem, especially in New York CIty. Most New Yorkers live the way they WANT!!  So, I think this is a more important post to read to help keep you safe. Let’s say you are seeing something you don’t like.  It’s been bothering you and you want to either not let it get worse or, better yet, take care of the problem and look fabulous!  Here is a list of some common concerns:

I look old.  I look tired (but I’m not).  I hate my nose.  My smile lines are very deep.  I have dark circles under my eyes.  My face is dropping. My eyelids are drooping.  I have a turkey neck.  I can’t get that stubborn fat off my belly.   My breasts have dropped.  (Go to my West Village Plastic Surgery website for more information.)

These are not easy problems to treat well.  Now, what kind of doctor do you want to have treat you for these problems?  A Cosmetic Doctor?  A Dermatologist?  A Plastic Surgeon?  A Facial Plastic (ENT) surgeon?  An Oculo-plastic (ophthalmologist) Surgeon?  An OB/Gyn doctor?  An Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon?  A General Surgeon?  Do you think that all of these types of doctors have the same training and expertise in Cosmetic Surgery?  Doctors from these different specialties in medicine (except Dermatology) can become board certified by The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS).  If you become board certified in ABCS, then you can say that you are a board certified cosmetic doctor. Presto, but are you in great hands??  NO!  Hardly!  This is where you have to be careful!

When you WANT to get treated for anything in medicine, make sure you know what RESIDENCY TRAINING the doctor had and that the board certification verifies the training.  If a doctor has a residency training in Dermatology, then the board certification is to confirm that the doctor successfully fulfilled the criteria of being a properly trained dermatologist.  Ditto for Otolaryngology (ENT) and Ophthalmology and Plastic Surgery and so on.  There is NO OFFICIAL RESIDENCY TRAINING in Cosmetic Surgery.  Therefore, if any doctor says that he’s a cosmetic surgeon or cosmetic doctor, you should find out what his or her REAL RESIDENCY TRAINING was in.  I did my RESIDENCY TRAINING in Plastic Surgery.  I am board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  A doctor who DID NOT go through a residency training in Plastic Surgery can never be board certified in Plastic Surgery.  Do you see the difference?

It used to be that Plastic Surgery was synonymous with Cosmetic Surgery.  No longer.  What is the difference between a Facial Plastic Surgeon and a Plastic Surgeon?  What is the difference between an Oculo-Plastic Surgeon and a Plastic Surgeon?  Oftentimes, it doesn’t matter because a lot of doctors call themselves plastic surgeons without being trained and board certified in Plastic Surgery.  What gives?  I’ll flush this out in more detail in future blog postings.

When you WANT to take advantages of Botox, fillers, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, it’s important to know who to go to for a specific problem.  If I want laser treatment, I will find the best Dermatologist with the latest lasers.  If I want rhinoplasty, I’ll find the best Plastic Surgeon or Otolaryngologist, who has good experience, judgment and technique.  Furthermore, I think it’s important to find an honest doctor, who has your best interest in mind, offer treatments he or she is good at doing, and refer you to another specialist for treatments beyond what he or she offers.  I’ll go into more detail in Be Careful of What You Want!  Part 2.

Next, will be Fiilers Part 3 (I promise), which will be limited to subscribers.