I was listening to an interview on WNYC of Sheila Nevins, who has produced a ton of documentary films for HBO ever since HBO came into existence. It’s interesting to listen to her about how she has made it in a man’s world of entertainment, learning how to thrive. There’s a lot of sexism out there in our society, and the way she succeeded despite the negative milieu for women in corporate entertainment is impressive. What surprised me was her reflection on her facelift. She sounded almost regretful that she had done it, how her friends, who looked good after their own facelifts, influenced her to go under the knife. She says she is happy with her results but not sure whether or not it was worth doing it.

The reason I found this interesting is that I see quite a few women with the same feelings and mindset. It’s okay to want to stay looking good. Cosmetic surgery along with Botox and fillers are becoming regular options, like going to a hairdresser or getting a facial. The only thing that you should understand is to choose wisely. Know what specialty your cosmetic doctor is. Why would this doctor or nurse be good at treating you with Botox or fillers. Do they have the proper skills in facial aesthetics? Where did they learn how to inject Botox and fillers? What makes them feel confident that you will look better and not worse? We only want to think about how great we will look after a treatment. Haven’t you seen enough people that look strange? ┬áDo your homework and don’t let anyone sell you on a treatment that you haven’t researched out carefully.