Liposuction is one of the real great advances in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.   Through very small, tiny incisions, I can remove a whole lot of stubborn fat and do it safely.  Liposuction is also the most reliable way to remove fat.

Kybella is deoxycholic acid and is used to melt away fat in the submental area of the neck.  Because Kybella is an injectable product, it seems more palatable than an invasive procedure like liposuction.  Kybella can be effective but there is no assurance that it will accomplish what you hope to see.  Here is how it’s done.  The area of your submental neck is mapped out with ink dots.  Then, injection of Kybella is guided by the dot matrix into the fat.  It is not a pleasant experience and there is a lot of swelling for many days.  If it was only one session, I think most people would not mind going through this process.  However, it usually takes 3 or more sessions, about a month apart for each session, to see significant improvement.  The cost of these treatments is also higher than what I charge for liposuction of the same area.

Cool Sculpt is another non-surgical method of removing fat.  It uses cryolipolysis which is freezing the fat cells.  The idea is that fat cells will die from freezing and the body will clear away the dead fat cells.   Like Kybella, there is never a guarantee that you will see any improvement.  I am seeing more and more people who have had a series of 3 or more treatments without seeing any improvement.  And, apparently, it can be fairly painful and unpleasant during the treatment.

Non-surgical treatments will always be desirable.  Who wants to go through an invasive procedure?  If the non-surgical treatments like Kybella and Cool Sculpt are equally as effective as liposuction for everyone, then I would certainly opt for these non-surgical options.  That’s a no-brainer!  Even if costs a bit more!  However, if the outcome of Kybella or Cool Sculpt is not as predictable or not as good as liposuction, then you have to ask yourself if you are being sold on an idea and wasting your money?

In the next posting, Liposuction Part 2, I will go into more detail my approach to liposuction.