NONINVASIVE Skin Tightening Treatment

An area that bothers the heck out of a lot of people as we get older is around the mouth. It seems like shadows naturally flock to the smile lines and marionette areas (below the corners of the mouth). The jowling (laxity) of lower facial skin is also another one of those, ‘can you believe what is happening to my face’ moment, is it not? Surgery, like a face lift, seems beyond practical and very costly for many of us. We want a non-invasive treatment that works. What about Thermage or Ultherapy? In my experience, these treatments are costly and painful without seeing much improvement. I’ve abandoned these options I once tried to embrace. What about threading? To me, more risk than reward. Is there anything new?

Introducing the newest technology for skin tightening, CELLUPULSE SOUNDWAVE energy delivers the tightening of skin we want safely without much discomfort. There is no downtime.  This state of the art technology, CELLUPULSE SOUNDWAVE, uses an EPAT (Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology) that is by far the safest non-invasive treatment to tighten skin. Because of its safety, easy tolerance by patients, and no visible swelling or redness following treatment, CELLUPULSE SOUNDWAVE Skin Tightening is an effective new technology with virtually no risk or side effects in treating the sagging cheeks and lower face.

How Does the CELLUPULSE SOUNDWAVE tighten skin? The acoustic energy is delivered through a hand held applicator. We can control how much acoustic energy is delivered by using applicators designed specifically to optimize the delivery of acoustic energy to the skin and underlying tissue.

How is the treatment performed? The treatment area of the face is mapped out on both sides. A cooling gel is applied to the skin and then acoustic pressure soundwaves are delivered to the areas of treatment. No anesthesia, topical or otherwise, is needed. The duration of the treatment will be about 20 minutes.

How many treatments are needed to see results? Usually 8 to 10 treatment sessions will be recommended to achieve desirable results. Each treatment may be performed once a week or twice a week. It does require a time commitment to undergo this treatment. However, it is very difficult to improve facial aging and skin laxity through non-surgical means. Therefore, staged treatments over 4 to 8 weeks (rather than only one treatment with Thermage or Ultherapy) make even more sense to me because of the gradual tightening of the skin that this treatment is achieving. How do I know? I’ve undergone this treatment on my face and I can tell you I noticed the tightening effect even after the first treatment.

We are currently testing CELLUPULSE SOUNDWAVE to tighten loose abdominal skin, upper posterior arms and to treat cellulite.

Please Note: CELLUPULSE SOUNDWAVE technology has been used effectively for pain related to orthopedic injuries. Please inquire if you would like to consider treatment for pain of the lower extremities, hips, feet, arms, back and shoulder.

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