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Breast Augmentation in New York

Any woman considering breast augmentation in New York wants to look better and feel more curvaceous but also natural.  For me, the shape of a breast is one of the most beautiful of the human body.  This is why a natural shape is more important than size.  So, if you are interested in humungous breasts that do not fit your body, no need to come here.

It is important to understand the 3 options to enhance breast size and improve shape.  Also, if your breasts have ptosis then a breast augmentation with a lift may be needed.

As everyone knows, the most popular option (Option 1) is use of a silicone breast implant.  The manufacturers have done an incredible job to create better silicone breast implants.  Because there are better choices of breast silicone implants, the results are better and there is less risk of silicone leak and migration of the silicone gel.  Newer implants have the gummy bear consistency.  Saline implants may serve a useful purpose, but saline implants never had the same texture and feel and shape as the silicone implants.

While silicone breast implants are made better, the outcome of breast shape is dependent on the surgeon. The main reason why there are many bad looking silicone augmented breasts is that there are many poorly trained doctors performing the operation.  Many otolarynologists (ENT), oral surgeons, ophthalmologists, family practitioners and anesthesiologists promote themselves as cosmetic surgeons and claim to be legitimate because they are ‘board certified in cosmetic surgery’ or accredited by the ‘academy of cosmetic surgery’ .  They try to confuse you as a consumer to thinking that they are plastic surgeons. However, they are not properly trained plastic surgeons.

The simple truth is that breast augmentation with breast implants, like all cosmetic operations, are difficult to do consistently well. The ability to understand the shape and position of a woman’s breast and consider the size and shape of the breast implant that will fit a woman’s body is only the first step.  Choosing the precise location of the incision, how to dissect the muscle away from the rib cage, how much and when to separate the breast tissue from the muscle, how large of a pocket to create for the silicone implant, the size of the implant that will provide the right shape and size to the fit the woman’s overall body are decisions made during an operation.  It’s hard enough for board certified plastic surgeons to do it right each and every time. It would be much harder for a doctor not trained as a plastic surgeon to understand this operation and do it well.  Is it possible?  Yes, but the odds are against you.  If you are seeking breast augmentation from a doctor or surgeon who is not board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and thinking that the workmanship will be as good as the real thing, you are taking a much larger risk than you think.

Natural Fill

The second option (Option 2) that is growing in popularity is the natural fill technique, which is fat-grafting to the breasts. Fat-grafting techniques have improved greatly and are being used for breast reconstruction following mastectomies.  The beauty of this technique is that it combines two things that women may want: 1) liposuction of the abdomen, flanks, hips and thighs; and 2) augmentation of the breast without using a breast implant.  It is important to know that there is a limit on how much bigger a woman’s breast will become, even when there is unlimited fat to graft.  The important thing is that we have more control over where we augment the breast and fill in the areas that are in need of more fullness, which is usually the upper part of the breast.

Natural Fill and Breast Implants

The third option (Option 3) is to augment the breasts with silicone breast implants and natural fill with fat grafting.  This provides the most amount of control over size and shape.  The reason to choose this option is to better augment the breast with the silicone implant without distorting the shape of the breast.

With every woman, there is an implant size that is too big and will make the breast no longer natural looking and no longer aesthetically attractive.  A small, petite woman with size A breasts may look bigger and better with a 300 cc silicone implant but look distorted with a 350 cc breast implant.  Another reason to not put in a large implant that distorts the breast shape is the risk of complications.  Once you have breast implants, they are in your body for the long term.

If you agree with me that there is a limit to how large a breast implant can be used to making a woman’s breast look bigger and better, the natural fill with fat grafting can further improve shape and size for the same reasons as I stated above in option 2.  The only difference between the natural fill option and the natural fill with breast implants is that you start with a larger breast after placing the silicone implant.  The natural fill option allows a woman, who wants to have a larger breast than what the silicone implant will allow, to have that larger breast without looking distorted and taking more risks.

The real choice to make is who you will choose to help guide you to improving your breast size and shape.  In my opinion, you should find a board certified plastic surgeon.  All of the 3 options, as I have described, are great options , depending on what a woman wants. I believe in improving breast size and shape but keeping it Looking Natural for the Manhattan communities of West Village, Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Soho, Gramercy, Union Square, East Village, Lower East Side, Tribeca, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island.