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In New York, the desire to look youthful is becoming more and more important.  The lifestyle lift, which is a coined phrase for a face and neck lift, is a popular idea because, as we age, the supportive structures of our facial skin weaken.  We also lose volume, which lead to the typical signs of sunken cheeks and formation of jowls.  The neck loses its definition also with loosening of the skin and increasing collection of fat.  This makes the angle of the neck obtuse and less defined.

Replacement of volume  to the cheeks, temple, or jaw line are several important areas to restore with fillers.  However, most of us also need to have tightening of the lower face and neck.  While non-surgical options such as Ultherapy (ultrasound energy) and Thermage (radiofrequency) are available in reducing jowls and improving neckline, their role is very limited. Many have been treated with disappointing results, especially with the high cost of treatment.

A face and/or neck lift may be a very good investment for a longer term solution to the aging face and neck. Many women and men still dislike the idea of undergoing an operation and dealing with the postoperative recovery.  Some absolutely will refuse to consider it.  But, for those of you who may be sitting on the fence, the overall benefits that can only be achieved with a face and neck lift may outweigh the risks of undergoing an operation and taking the one to three weeks of time to recover from the operation.

The technique that I like and have been using over the past 5 years is the short scar face and neck lift.  The scars are placed in areas on the lateral margin of the face that are very well concealed.  An incision is also made under your chin to tighten up the thin neck muscle, called the platysma.  The planning of the operation is made according to what you need and what changes your face will accommodate without creating a distorted look.  The operation is performed with meticulous care to not injure the skin or facial nerve.  The fascial system called the SMAS is dissected out and tightened to provide the long term support of the face lift. The neck muscles under the chin are dissected out carefully, trimmed along the edges and tightened with sutures.  Then the fat in your neck is removed with a small liposuction cannula.  The redundant skin on the face and neck (what you no longer want or need) is removed. The face and neck are contoured to create the more aesthetic and youthful appearance. A soft dressing is applied.  I will see you back the next day or in 2 days to make sure there are no complications such as a hematoma (blood collection).  The sutures are removed after 5 to 7 days.  It takes about one to two weeks for the bruising to disappear.  You will have a good idea of the outcome of the face and neck lift after 3 weeks to a month.  It will take another six to eight months for the final subtle changes to occur.

Expectations for any type of cosmetic operation or procedure have to be in line with what is possible.  Trying to do too much can lead to a very distorted appearance.  My surgical work is done with meticulous care.  I will always give an honest appraisal of what I believe will create a more aesthetic and youthful appearance. And I always strive to achieve Natural Results with The Natural Look for people of West Village, Chelsea, Greenwich Village, Soho, East Village, Lower East Side, Tribeca as well as all of Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island and Staten Island.