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Another option with a breast lift is to augment the breast either with a silicone breast implant or natural fill fat-grafting.  The difficult part of shaping a breast with a breast lift is enhancing fullness in the superior pole or upper part of the breast.  Therefore, placing a silicone breast implant or fat grafting at the same time as a breast lift can be performed to improve the superior pole fullness and overall shape and size of the breast.

It may sound amazing and wonderful to lift the breast, create a much more aesthetic shape and increase the overall size, but there is a bigger risk of complications. If the size of silicone breast implant is too big, then it may lead to wound breakdown or skin necrosis if there is too much pressure on the surgical wounds and breast.  Only a small to medium sized silicone implant would be considered safe enough to do at the same time as the breast lift.

The natural fill option with fat-grafting is another important option.  The superior aspect of the breast can be augmented the most with fat-grafting, and therefore improve the fullness of the superior pole of the breast. Again, the amount of fat that can be grafted with a breast lift is limited. Therefore, the expectation of natural fill augmentation at the time of the breast lift has to be in line with what is possible.

Two operations may be better than one.  While the idea of having two operations to get to a desired result may not be easy to consider, the avoidance of a complication is reason enough, especially with a breast lift. Performing a breast lift with the first operation and then improving the size of the breast with a silicone implant or fat grafting with a second operation is the safest approach.

The relationship that you have with an experienced plastic surgeon is important to navigate through the many wonderful choices that are available to you.  For a breast lift with augmentation, this may be even more important.  My approach is to minimize the risks and give you a better natural look.  It is always better to make good choices with reasonable expectations and avoid complications than to try to go too big and end up with a problem you never thought could happen.  This is also another principle of The Natural Look.

I believe in improving breast size and shape but keeping it Looking Natural for the Manhattan communities of West Village, Greenwich Village, Soho, Gramercy, Union Square, East Village, Lower East Side, Tribeca, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens Long Island and Staten Island.