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Face and Neck:  As we age, there is both loss of volume and elasticity of the face and neck.  Therefore, an understanding of both replacing volume in the face and tightening the lower face and neck is needed to restore youth and vitality to these very important areas.

Blepharoplasty and Asian Upper Eyelids

Nose and RhinoplastyThe nose is one of the most prominent features of your face.  Rhinoplasty is a very difficult operation to do consistently well.  A good nose operation can transform the way you look.

Breast Augmentation: Many women want breast implants because they want to enhance their breast size.  The reasons are many.  Some women want bigger breasts because they have very small breasts and have a difficult time wearing certain types of clothes.  Some women suffer significant changes to their breasts after pregnancy and want to restore what they lost in size and shape.  Whatever the reason, my approach to breast augmentation is to give you The Natural Look.

Breast Lift: As women get older, the breasts drop lower.  This happens frequently after pregnancy as well.  This is called breast ptosis, and women dislike both the flattening of the breast, especially on the upper part and the lack of support of the breast itself .  A breast lift done with a lollipop scar is the best technique, but a surgeon’s skill is important in getting the best shape and fine scars with The Natural Look.

Breast Lift with Augmentation:  Augmenting the breast with a breast lift is another great option for women who want to improve shape and position of the breast and increase overall size.  This can be achieved with a lollipop type technique for the breast lift and a silicone breast implant or natural fill with fat grafting.

Breast Reduction: Women of all ages have problems with macromastia or very large breasts.  Having large, heavy breasts can lead to neck and back problems along with recurrent rashes under the breasts.  Women who are sportive have a difficult time with physical movement because of the enlarged breasts.  The amount of breast reduction is dependent on each woman’s preference of ideal breast size.  The technique of breast reduction is oftentimes very challenging to achieve excellent shape with subtle scars.  Dr. Kim understands the complexity of achieving the proper shape with subtle scars to give you both the relief of not having heavy breasts but also a shape that you will find equally important.

Body Contouring/Liposuction:  As we get older, certain areas of the body are resistant to weight loss.  Despite diets and exercise to control or lose weight, excess fat collects in the abdomen, flanks and hips along with the inner and outer thighs lingers.  Liposuction is a wonderful technique to sculpt the body and help improve the shape of those difficult areas of the body.  Sometimes, a combination of liposuction and surgery, such as a mini-abdominoplasty, may be needed to treat both the redundant skin and remove the excess fat.

Abdominoplasty:  With age and pregnancy, the abdomen stretches out and loses support.  With 2 or 3 pregnancies, the capacity for the abdomen to return to its natural shape usually is not possible.  The loose skin and extra fat sag down.  In this case, liposuction alone will not help.  The abdominoplasty procedure includes liposuction and is designed to remove the redundant skin and fat, tighten the rectus abdominis muscles, and sculpt the flanks.