Brow Lift


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While Botox, when injected properly, has offered a nonsurgical option to improve the shape of the brow, there is an important role for a brow lift.  Oftentimes, this is performed at the same time as a face and neck lift and blepharoplasty.

My approach to a brow lift is modified by the addition of a permanent internal suture to help create the lift.  This is much more reliable and durable over time.  The control of the lift is also more predictable.  The operation involves a small incision made on each side just above or at the hairline, where the brow lift is needed.  This is usually along the lateral third of the brow hairline.  Dissection under the periosteum of the forehead is made down to the orbital rim.  The periosteum is released, which allows additional mobility of the brow hairline.  A permanent suture is placed at the location where the brow lift is desired.  The suture is placed in the deeper plane in order to not dimple the skin.  Then, the suture is anchored to the periosteum at the hairline incision to secure the lift.


The Natural Look

The Natural Look can only be achieved with a proper understanding of the facial anatomy and a treatment algorithm that is used to target each different problem in a harmonious way.  Dr. Kim is a board certified plastic surgeon, who has developed a thoughtful algorithm to treat facial aging with nonsurgical techniques, such as Botox and fillers, and surgical techniques.  Dr. Kim serves the Manhattan communities of West Village, Greenwich Village, Soho, Gramercy, Union Square, East Village, Lower East Side, Tribeca, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Staten Island, as well as Westchester county and Greenwich, CT.